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  • The City has a total of 50 funds.  Miamisburg’s main fund is its General Fund which accounts for the majority of services associated with local government such as public safety, parks and recreation, administration, court, etc.
  • A “Governmental Fund” is where most of the work happens.  Here you will find the General Fund, the Special Revenue Funds and the Capital Improvement Funds.
  • A “Fiduciary Fund” is restricted for specific purposes.  The city holds various Agency funds for which money is collected and then disbursed. 
  • A “Proprietary Fund” includes the water, sewer and golf funds and internal service funds.  An internal service fund is a fund that the City uses internally to pay for certain operations – city garage, civic center and service center.
  • Some revenues or expenses do not track from year to year.  For example, there may be an expense for a specific item or project in 2012 that the City no longer has.  These revenue/expenses will be visible for the years in which they were encountered.
  • The data is solely for the City of Miamisburg and does not include financial data from any outside special districts, such as the Miami Valley Fire District, Miamisburg City School District, Mound Development Corp., Miamisburg Library, etc.
  • The City Income Tax Fund collects all income taxes and then transfers to three funds: General, Capital Improvement and Income Tax Facility.  In certain views you will notice the Finance/Tax expenses elevated due to these transfers.



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