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Police Dept. G.R.O.W.'s role in addiction issues Print E-mail

Miamisburg, Oho - March 9, 2017:  The adverse effects of heroin and prescription painkiller addictions in our nation have been well-chronicled in recent years.  One of the significant impacts of these addictions is related to crime, and the Miamisburg Police Department has been active in combating the issue locally.

A large percentage of the crime in our cities can be tied to the heroin trade to some degree.  All too often, the end result is the loss of life and the subsequent grief experienced by loved ones.  The justice system, from the police officer on the beat to the legislator in Congress, has worked tirelessly to address the issues related to law enforcement.

The Miamisburg Police Department has been on the leading edge of these efforts in the region:

•    For several years, the Department has worked closely with the Miamisburg Municipal Court in getting drug offenders the assistance they need to recover from addiction.
•    A partnership with the Montgomery County Drug Free Coalition task force has led to increased information about assistance getting in the hands of addicts.
•    Police officials played a key role in a community forum on addictions held by the City last summer.
•    Police Chief John Sedlak participated in a roundtable discussion in January with other regional representatives for students at Miamisburg High School.

While there has been some great success, officials continue to seek out additional ways to combat the heroin problem.  In January the Police Department began participating in a Countywide initiative called G.R.O.W. (Get Recovery Option Working).

G.R.O.W. employs interdisciplinary outreach teams that consist of a representative from law enforcement, a Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) provider, a peer-and-family support provider and a local organization that has established trusted relationships within the community and can address social issues that impact health.  The result has been a pairing of the delivery of helpful information along with face-to-face communication with health experts to help boost survival and success rates among recovering addicts.  Ultimately, the goals of the program as it evolves are to help save lives, reduce crime and improve the quality of life in our community.

For those who are struggling with addiction, or have loved ones seeking for help, please contact the following organizations:

Recovery Works Healing Centers
100 Elmwood Park Dr., Suite 201
West Carrollton

Cornerstone Project
4124 Linden Ave.



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