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Miamisburg, Ohio - Oct. 23, 2018:  The City of Miamisburg has begun the gradual process of producing and distributing softened water to local homes and businesses.  The addition of a water softening process is part of the City’s ongoing water and sewer system improvement projects that represent an investment of over $70 million.
“Among our array of important projects, adding softened water provides the most direct benefit to residents,” City Manager Keith Johnson said.  “It’s something our citizens are excited about, and it’s also going to be a nice enhancement for our commercial customers.”
According to Public Works Director Valerie Griffin, the hardness level of the City’s drinking water was previously an estimated 22 grains per gallon (gpg), or 376 parts per million (ppm).  When fully implemented, the new softened water will have a hardness level of approximately 7 gpg, or 150 ppm.  For customers who have water softeners in their home and choose to keep them operational, she said it’s important to adjust the unit settings to reflect the new hardness level, as follows:
•    By end of December, modify your setting to ten (10) grains per gallon.
•    By end of January, modify your setting to seven (7) grains per gallon.

“Extreme softening changes the chemical makeup of water to the point that it can be detrimental to fixtures, plumbing and appliances,” she said.  “To avoid that, we strongly urge homeowners with water softeners to either disconnect their unit or follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adjust their settings.  If they do that, they’ll get an increased level of softness, but not a level that could harm their plumbing.”
Griffin said people who need assistance with this process should contact a water softener dealer or a local plumber.
Health & environmental benefits
The City is using a reverse osmosis process to soften its drinking water. This process provides another layer of filtration, purifying the water to a much greater level by removing microscopic non-dissolved particles and trace metals.  Reverse osmosis softening produces a healthier alternative to in-home ion-exchange softeners, which use sodium.  There are also environmental benefits with the new system due to a reduced level of chloride released into wastewater from home softening units.
Cost benefits
By reducing or eliminating the operation of their water softener, homeowners can experience cost savings in electric usage, salt usage and water used for regeneration.   Softened water also extends the life of appliances (water heaters, dishwashers, etc.) and requires less detergent for washing. 
For more information, please call the Public Works Department at 847-6635.

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