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Swim Lessons are designed to teach swimming skills to people of all ages.  The Learn-to-Swim Program Instructors are certified through Jeff Ellis Swimming and employed by the City of Miamisburg.  This certification provides our instructors with the proper knowledge of swimming techniques and skills needed to teach your child how to swim and stay safe while playing in the water.  The instructor to student ratio will be no more than 1:6 for all swim  lessons. 
This program is only offered four days per week, which will allow for practice and mastery of skills in between lessons.  Morning lessons will occur before the facility opens for the day and evening lessons will occur after the facility has closed, which will allow for focused participation by students.   


Each class is 30 minutes.
Registration Fee: $25/session

Minnows-Adult Beginner:
Each class is 45 minutes.
Registration Fee: $35/session

Adaptive and Break the Wake:

Registration Fee: $35/session


Basic Objectives for Learn to Swim Classes

Guppies (1 year to 3 years) :  Makes water orientation safe and fun!  This class will offer instruction on water exploration  and basic water skills, such as  bobbing, floating and gliding.  One parent per child is required in the water during class sessions.  Each class is 30 minutes from the start of each session.

Minnows (3 - 5 years) :  Learn basic water skills!  This  class will  offer introductory instruction on submerging, bobbing, floating, gliding, jumping in the water and beginning arm action.  

Tadpoles ( 5 - 7 years) :   Focus on beginning swimming skills! Students will build on basic water skills with the support of their instructor.  They will learn gliding with kicks, front crawl, elementary backstroke, and water safety skills.  

Turtles (5 - 7 years) :  Success with swimming fundamentals!  Students will expand learned skills to build confidence.  Students will learn unsupported floating and gliding. 

Seahorses (5 - 8 years) :  Transition from shallow to deep water.  Students will continue perfecting learned strokes in varying depths of water while emphasizing safety skills.  Students will be introduced to diving and breaststroke.

Dolphins (6-12 years) :               

Increase distance and proficiency of strokes.  Students will review previously learned strokes while increasing distance and proficiency.  Scissor kick and sidestroke arm action will be introduced.  

Sting Rays (7-15 years) :                 

Build power and endurance while working on technical aspects of learned strokes!  Students will review previous strokes with added emphasis on efficiency, underwater swimming, distance and water safety skills.  Dolphin kick, butterfly and treading water will be introduced.  Students will learn proper techniques to dive from the diving board and deck.

Adult Beginner (18 years  and older) :

Learn to swim at your own pace.

Adaptive Lessons:

These one-on-one swim lessons are for children with different physical or cognitive abilities. Instructors will work with parents to plan lesson objectives. Families may join their student after each lesson for an open "soft swim" time before our regularly scheduled hours.

Break the Wake-Intensive Lessons

These week-long lessons feature small class sizes and condensed curriculum to get students who are stuck at one level over the hurdle and on to greatness. Perfect for the child hoping to progress quickly or a child that needs a little extra boost.

Private Swim Lessons (All Ages) :  

Private swim lessons are designed to meet individual participant's needs at his or her own level.  Each instructor will provide 30 minutes of personalized instruction.  No previous swimming experience is needed.  The participant will be paired with an instructor based upon his or her current skill level and availability.  Requests for a specific instructor are accepted.  Once you register for a private swim lesson, the Aquatic Program Coordinator will contact you to schedule your class.  Contact the Aquatic Center at 847-6565, if you have questions.
Registration fee: $25/person/lesson

Basic Class Information

-There will be a brief orientation on the Concessions patio prior to the start of the first class. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to attend. 

-Classes begin promptly at the time they are scheduled.  Please plan accordingly.

-Parents will receive communication regarding progress midway through the lesson.  This may be verbal or written communication from Instructors. 

-Each participant will receive a certificate of completion which will indicate if the participant is recommended to enroll in the next level or should return to the current level.

-Classes are taught in a group setting with a maximum of 10 participants per class.  While each participant will receive individual attention, the ratio of Instructors to participants is 1:6.  Each class will have up to 2 instructors; a third assistant may be added to younger or full levels.

-In the event of inclement weather which leads to class cancellation, every effort will be made to re-schedule missed classes.  Instructors will have information regarding make-up classes in the event of a cancellation.

-Make-up classes will be scheduled based on facility availability and may not be held at the regular day and time of the class session.  Make-up classes will be held only for inclement weather; no make-up classes will be held for absences or personal situations.

Cancellation Policy

Please notice the refund/cancellation policy on the registration form. We understand that situations arise causing conflicts with swim lesson schedules. Staff will do their best to transfer your registration to another session; however, this is not always possible due to popularity of certain sessions and levels. In special circumstances, a household credit worth the value of the swim lesson may be issued at the discretion of Recreation Programmer for future sessions.     

To register for an aquatic program, call 847-6565 or visit



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