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Serving as a volunteer member of one of the City's Boards and Commissions is one of the best ways for residents to have an active voice in local government. City Council relies on the input provided by these advisory committees to establish policies on various issues. Members of Boards and Commissions are appointed to terms by City Council. Applications to serve are welcome and should be addressed to the mayor. One can be obtained from the link above or by calling (937) 847-6456. Appointments are generally made in December for the following year. Current Boards and Commissions include:

Board of Revision and Assessment  
Michelle Collins, Keith Johnson, Jennifer Johns, Tom Croskey

Board of Zoning, Building and Housing Appeals  
Dan Brown, Bob Davis, Frank Fritsch, Mike Drury, Chris Butcher, Leslie Karacia (sec'y)

Citizens Urban Forestry Advisory Board
Jim Bornhorst (chair), Robert Bates, Rusty Leifheit, Michael Gray, Michelle Trimbur, Amy Ratcliffe, Carole Ouderkirk, John Woods

City Beautification Commission
Sherry Barrett, Laura Bornhorst, Annie Gilkison, Rita Miller, Wilma Nicholas, Carole Parlette, Judy Stamm, Jane McGriff, Joellyn Bashford, Ed Garrett, Jenny Butcher, Cynthia Morgan, Pam Stewart, Karl Zimmerman, Tom Zimpfer

Civil Service Commission 
Steve Case, Wayne Gilkison, Wayne Grainger, Gary Bell, Robert Hayes, Joe Unice, Kim Combs (sec'y)

Community Improvement Corp.
Chris Fine, Jennifer Johns, Keith Johnson, Jim Lenz, Ray Rotellini, Kim Combs (sec'y)
2015 Annual Report

Downtown Miamisburg, Inc.  
Michelle Collins, Eric Cluxton, Vanessa Glotfelter, Mike Fink, Ron Holp, Keith
Johnson, Steve Naas, Jennifer Johns, Carrie Scarff

Environmental Advisory Committee - No Longer active as of 12/31/16
Lee Hieronymus, David Reimer, John Stalder, Ellen Stanifer, Patty Van Arsdale, Roseanne Woo-Haltresht, Tim Young

Income Tax Board of Appeals
Tom Croskey, Tom Wild (alternate), Mike Gapinski, Carolyn Kilpatrick, Kim Combs (sec'y)

Miami Valley Fire District Board of Trustees
John Stalder, Ann-Lisa Allen, Greg Bell, Doug Barry, Frank Fritsch

Mound Development Corporation
Dick Church, Jr., Chris Fine,  Al Leland, Vern Oakley, Jennifer Johns, Niels Winther

Municipal Trust Fund Finance Committee
Michelle Collins, Scott Woods, Tom Luebbers, Keith Johnson, Shon Myers, Tim Wild

Trust Fund Agenda 05/12/20

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board 
Andy Alford, Keith Basinger, Kelly Brown,  Megan Cole, Paige McElroy, Alex Schroeder, Gail Fink, Chris Jacoby, Kelly Lee Marker, Shannon Ruppert, Mike Tuttle, Corey Chick (sec'y)

Planning Commission  
Mike McCabe, James DeYoung (chair), Steve Beachler, Mel Rutherford, Vanessa Goltfelter, Ron Mahan, Tim Finney, Leslie Karacia (sec'y)

02/22/21 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Appeals Committee  
Greg Merrill,




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