City launches new way to manage fleet

Miamisburg, Ohio - Sept. 10, 2020:  The City of Miamisburg this year entered into an agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management to improve its system of vehicle ownership and maintenance.

This open-end lease agreement enables the City to begin replacing approximately 61 vehicles over the course of the next 4-5 years for operations such as Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Code Enforcement, Municipal Court and Police detectives (not cruisers).  The acquisitions will be vehicles less than 19,000 pounds in gross weight, beginning this year with three new pickup trucks.  Two of those will be for the Parks and Recreation Department and one for the Public Works Department.

The City has traditionally purchased its own vehicles and maintained ownership as long as practicable.  The average age of the City’s current fleet is over nine years, and that extended life increases the overall cost of maintenance.  With the new Enterprise relationship, the City estimates it will save approximately $1 million over the next 10 years in acquisition and operating (maintenance and fuel) costs.

“The goals of this new program are to reduce our ownership costs, improve fleet performance and upgrade our aging stock,” City Manager Keith Johnnson said.  “We’re excited about partnering with Enterprise and the potential of this new program.”  

Johnson said City vehicles will be replaced more frequently with the new agreement, which will improve fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs and project a professional public image for the local government.  He added that the anticipated cost savings will give City Council increased budget flexibility in the future.

The open-ended nature of the agreement provides the City with an opportunity to evaluate the program’s effectiveness each year.  The current plan is for over 20 additional vehicles to be replaced in 2021.  

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