When comparing hours of operation and scope of activities offered, Miamisburg's membership is the best value among senior centers throughout the area. 

Joining the Community Center is as simple as completing a short application and paying the first year's dues.  For members age 55 and over, dues are $15 per year for Miamisburg residents and $20 annually for non-residents of the community. 

Membership provides access to the many activities and travels offered exclusively to Center members.  Members are also eligible to receive discounted rates on select classes that are held at the Center with open enrollment, such as the popular Zumba Gold fitness class.  In addition, members age 55 and over are eligible to use the Center's fitness room at no additional charge after completing the orientation course.

Associate memberships are available for adults below the age of 55.  Annual dues are $25 for a resident associate or $30 for the non-resident associate.  Associate member privileges do not include use of the SAC fitness room, home pick-up transportation and eligibility to vote for or serve on the Participant Committee Advisory Board. 

All members receive home delivery of the CenterPost newsletter which contains a complete listing and descriptions of the Center's trips, activities, meals and special events.  New and prospective members are welcomed at a reception and guided tour at the Center on the second Wednesday of each month at noon. 

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