Residency Benefits

Residency Benefits

Benefits include discounts on:

  • Season passes
  • Daily admissions
  • Early program registration - one week exclusive to residents only.
  • Exclusive open swim admission every Sunday for residents, season passholders and their guests ONLY

Establishing Residency

People who reside, own property or work at a business within the Miamisburg City limits and people who reside in Miami Township are considered "residents."  As such, these people are eligible to receive discounts on season passes and daily admissions.

Patrons claiming resident status will be expected to provide a copy of one of the following when registering:

  • Valid driver's license with current address
  • Paycheck stub showing City of Miamisburg tax base with a photo ID
  • Letter from current employer stating that income tax is paid to the City of Miamisburg with a photo ID
  • Property deed or tax return showing property address within City of Miamisburg corporation limits with a photo ID

The general rate will be charged to customers who fail to provide adequate proof of residency.  Patrons are encouraged to establish residency during preseason registration hours at the Aquatic Center or during open hours at the Service Desk (located at 305 E. Central Avenue in Miamisburg, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm) in order to expedite their admission process when the Aquatic Center is open for the season in order to expedite their admission process when the facility opens.  Residency must be verified each season to receive discounted rates. 

Youth & Residency

If a minor does not have a valid driver's license or state ID, a parent must accompany the child on their first visit and verify residency using a photo ID and one of the three methods listed above. After a parent establishes residency for the child, the child will receive a Miamisburg Parks and Recreation User Card.  The child is encouraged to bring the card with them each time they visit the Aquatic Center.  User Cards are available at no cost.  Children under nine years of age must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an individual fourteen years of age or older.

Attention:  Miami Township Residents

If you reside in Miami Township, you are eligible to receive the resident discount rate for passes, swim lessons, programs and daily admission.  Proper documentation is required when applying for resident discount status.

Appropriate Swimming Attire

Appropriate swimming attire is required at STAC.  Appropriate swimming attire is defined as attire designed for aquatic use.  Proper swimming attire may not be altered, manipulated or modified in a way that exposes excessive skin as determined by the management staff.  Some examples of swim attire that are not permitted in the pool include (but are not limited to):  cut-off shorts, basketball shorts, sports bras and street clothing without swim lining.  T-shirts are permitted over appropriate swimming attire.  Failure to adhere to the swim attire policy will result in dismissal from facility without refund or voucher. 

Lounge Chair Policy

Lounge chairs and sitting chairs are rerserved for patrons 18 years of age and older.  Patrons are not permitted to reserve or save chairs for any reason.  The Aquatic Center staff encourages patrons to bring personal lounge chairs into the facility.